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Roof Surveys 

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Need to know the condition of your roof, need a survey or report to find the cause of the water ingress  perhaps your bying a propety We offer non-biased independent survey and produce a detailed report

Using our aerial Camera pole  All surveys can be carried out while the building is still occupied

We cover most of the Kent and London areas for roof surveys 

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Roof Repairs 

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.We have a large  selection of reclaimed slates and tiles, If not in stock we can quickly source the materials we require for any project.

Our job is to fix whatever problem you have with your roof in the most economic way possible

All of our roof repairs, works and materials are guaranteed.

Roof Repairs Kent

Tiled Roofing


We have access to a huge range of natural clay tiles, concrete tiles and slates to suit any pitched roof requirement and enjoy excellent working relationships with the leading manufacturers including Marley, Redland and Sandtoft. If using your existing roof tiles we will source matching tiles to complete the works if reqiured.

New Roofs Kent

Flat Roofs


Advantages Of Using SBS Modified Bitumen Felt Compatible with all types of flat roofing applications, but can also be used to waterproof car park decks, bridge decks, green roofs .

Resistance to the most extreme weather conditions such as high and low temperatures, rain, snow, ice and the freeze-thaw process.

Life expectancy of SBS bitumen membrane is remarkable, even after ageing it retains its pliability and elasticity, making it the ideal flat roof solution.

Dimensional stability is provided by the high quality SBS bitumen blend together with a high performance reinforcement, enabling the waterproofing system to accommodate building movement.

Installation is simple High resistance to mechanical damage and puncturing in comparison to alternative flat roof coverings. 

In most cases, when a bituminous flat roof system reaches the end of its service life, a single layer overlay can be installed over the top of the existing system to extend and renew the longevity of the waterproofing system.

Flat Felt Roofing

Moss Removal


Using the right environmentally friendly chemicals, proper procedures and operating the pressure cleaning equipment at the correct psi then you have nothing to fear. Also we offer a service where by we scrape the roofs clean from the most heavily moss infected areas.then apply a chemical to do the remainder of the work  We have  pressure cleaned numerous roofs with the correct pressure and the safest chemical methods and we have never once seen a situation where we caused damage to someone’s home.  We also only clean the roof when we have a total cover up by way of sheeting to cover any possible splash area’s, we make sure there is no chance of debris going into the neighbours property whilst cleaning your roof, we also cover cars, grass area’s and any bushes,so that there’s no chance of any damage or debris in places that would look unsightly.

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