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Cleaning Gutters Safely

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

With health and safety in mind, ways we can make cleaning your gutters safely from the ground

Just the thought of hieghts for some people or actually going that high on a ladder can be very off putting, the worries of an uneven surface or the ladder actually slipping from beneath you or maybe you dont have a ladder

all questions im sure have crossed your mind at some stage

Other problems, Have I got a conservatory, a glass roof canopy or maybe a tiled roof lower extension,.all these make it extremely hard to erect a ladder to reach up and clean out the moss or fallen leaves from your guttering

So the soluition if your worry is hieghts, maybe finding a friend or relative to come and do it for you, dont like to ask, but you can see grass is growing from the gutter so its needs to be done

At Hawk Roofing we have the solution for you, dependant on size of your dwelling, and costing less than it would cost you to get your car serviced

Welcome the Gutter Vacuum a rather large wet and dry Vacuum with the power of 3 x 1200 watt motors it easily removes all the debris from your guttering using it safley from the ground, no ladder worries, no how do we get to the section of gutter over the conservatory

For a free no obligation qoutation call us now 0800 083 8800

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