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Moss Removal

Just how does moss grow on your roof

Moss, algae and lichens are all different types of growth that can be found on your roof. Each of them can damage your roof in various ways. But while most people simply see growth on their roof and assume it’s all the same, the truth is that there are subtle differences between them.

Moss, algae and lichen grow on your roof through a combination of two things: moisture and organic debris. The more water and the more debris, the greater the chance of moss growth. Another critical factor is the amount of shade your roof receives. A well-shaded roof prevents the evaporation of moisture, creating excellent conditions for moss to thrive.

Moss absorbs water. So every time it rains, the moss sucks up more moisture and will spread further across your roof

Now that you have a better understanding of how moss grows on your roof, the next question is how can you prevent moss from growing in the first place.

Hire a professional roof cleaning company to remove moss and algae buildup.

A professional roof cleaner has specialized equipment that will remove all the grime, dirt, stains, moss and algae from your roof, using bio chemical cleaners that are environmentally friendly, that will kill moss and algae down to the root. This kind of cleaning both removes restores the original luster of your roof and increases its longevity.

What a fantastic transformation

Below is a photograph of a roof previously cleaned roof from Hawk Roofing

 The moss and algae completely removed for many years to come 

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